WEDDAR: How does it feel?

What is the weather like today? Umbrella, yes or not? Is it going to be windy at the beach?

How many time we have thought in this terms. Well personally, thousands. Moreover, we have taken several wrong decisions, basically considering our local or national weather forecast service infallible. But, as of 3 weeks, two brilliant 2.0 young brains from Portugal decided to chance the pace. How? Simply following the current social media principle: ask to the person next door (or better, next byte!).

Weddar, this is the name of the new app that will give you instantly insights about the weather conditions anywhere in the world, any seconds. Everywhere there is an Iphone’s advocate, the app automatically geolocates them and he, or she, can log in and give, or ask for, an instant report on the weather over a specific city, village or drain of the globe! Weddar turns reporting into a competition. You earn points for “checking in” and then you get into a chart. If you get into top 50, well, apply for BBC weather! Finally, You can also share your reports on Twitter and Facebook, giving out some really useful info.

Yes, I know folks…Anybody who does not own a Jobs jewel won’t get the chance to play the game. No panicking! Ricardo Fonseca and co-founder Gonçalo Catarino confirm that an Android version is on its way and more is yet to come.

So, who tells me what is the weather like now in Milan’s centre?…wait you there!

Yours faithfully…Alessandro Gambera


Kiitos Suomi

Ebbene si, come ogni anno, “l’estate sta finendo” e si torna sui banchi di scuola, alle scrivanie e al caro e dolce traffico. E noi del master? Bhè, torniamo a litigare con PP, alle consuete 2-3 bottigliette di acqua al giorno, al sudore versato sugli schermi degli smartphone…Insomma, come direbbe una nostra cara conoscenza, “torniamo sul pezzo”!

Ma prima di immergerci di nuovo tra paillettes & cotillones, tacco 12, bauli, Pershing, Dom Perignon e qualche Patek, volevo regalarvi ancora qualche momento spare, per indugiare nei ricordi di, ormai, “un estate fa”. E visto che per me spesso le immagine valgono più di mille parole, ho scelto di lasciarvi in compagnia  non di un testo, ma di un breve “viaggio visivo”. Nella speranza che le immagini pubblicate vi possano strappare un sorriso, qualche wow e magari suscitare un pò di curiosità sul paese in cui ho passato le vacanze , non mi resta che augurarvi buona visione…

Ah, scusate, dimenticavo…qual’è la nazione di cui parliamo? Bhè quella in cui si svolgono ogni anno “Il campionato del mondo di lancio del cellulare” e quello della “corsa con la moglie in spalla“…

Curious? Relax and click below…

…Alessandro Gambera…

P.S. Se doveste avere voglia di avere qualche informazione sui luoghi visitati, prezzi, curiosità sulla Finlandia, non esitate a chiedere, I’m here for you!


In attesa di andare in pelegrinaggio in terre lontane e sperdute, mi sono imbattuto in questa “concept idea” mooooooolto particolare. Una scarpa che oserei definire “multi-mood“, in grado di mutare con i gusti e le preferenze del momento. Creata da una giovane designer israeliana, la scarpa unisce il lato “fashonista” ad un prodotto pratico e funzionale.

Ora, non essendo un esperto di fashion, ne tanto meno di prodotti femminili, chiedo aiuto alle Signore e Signorine all’ascolto, o meglio, alla lettura…

Valid product or vanish project? A Voi l’ardua sentenza…

Keep in touch, Yours

… Alessandro Gambera…

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Made in Italy, Good value for money, Luxury, Profit & Human touch…Utopia? No, Tod’s(opia)!

According to me, Diego Della Valle is one of few shrewd modern entrepreneurs. His casual style, genteel manners, his admirable gift of the gab brought him from a small village lost in Marche region to global business footlights. Tod’s firm, named after a common American surname discovered by a young Diego during a journey in USA, is an example of “responsible economy”: Profit is still a main concern but how it is yielded today is even more crucial. All started back in 1920 with merit to Bernard-Filippo, Diego’s grandfather, who set up in Casette d’Ete a small shoes’ workshop. Dorino, his son, expanded his father limited size business, supplying big brand like Calvin Klein or Azzedine Alaia. And then Diego Della Valle got on the stage in 1978, with a rather smooth clue: Why not turning a comfortable car shoe into a casually versatile product?

“Der Kaiser von Mokassinen” , with the collaboration of his brother Andrea, created a sought-after product: The Gommino. This is a loafer crafted utterly by lynchpin Italian artisans with the 133 rubber pebbles as trademark. Everyday ostrich, alligator or lambskin leather pieces are cut, sealed and assembled maniacally by hand, rendering each shoe unique.  Mocassins represent the core business but Tod’s has been expanded also in other markets. The Group has 3 souls: casual Tod’s, sportive Hogan and elegant Fay brand, all with their accessories and clothing lines. Its product became friends of icons such as Gianni Agnelli, Diana Spencer and Juan Carlos di Borbone.

But what make the company different are the social principles behind the business. This is a luxury re-edition of the beloved Adriano Olivetti’s concept, visible also overseas in Google practice nowadays. Diego Della Valle created a “feel as at home” workplace philosophy. As people are seen as fundamental for augmenting the intangible values and following the idea that “a happier worker is a more productive one”, inside the Casette D’Ete main factory had been built a kindergarten, a gym, free internet access, a biblioteque, a TV space and a public auditorium. Moreover workers are granted 2 hours off to have lunch with family and can also take on a free course of English.

Nowadays the numbers tell us that this model is solid, competitive and bares fairly good fruits. Almost 800 million of revenues in 2010 with an index of growth of 15% yearly, EBITDA at 17%, 110 millions of earnings, shops in Shanghai, Dubai, NY City and Paris and the recent acquisition of the precious Roger Vivier brand.

Although surrounded by a super fast and competitive world, Diego Della Valle conceived a market niche were attention to details and creativity, innovation and tradition, are bundled together. It seems to exist some sort of balance in Casette d’Ete. Hence, utopia seems not to be the only answer…Try withdignita, dovere, e divertimento” 



If you put together a fashion designer and a polymers’ expert, what would you expect to get? Spiderman? Not too far my dear friends! Have a look at the video and get a glance at the future…

Liked it? Got the point? Thought-provoking, ay? Maybe you’re not a Radiohead fan (Sure? How you dare?) but I bet the video gave you at least a sense of something great & unconceivable to come…

So, you have no idea on how to get out of a staggering period for your business? Thinking at how to renovate your brand? Aspiring to your own unreachable Blue Ocean niche? Desperate for new customers?

Start to mix, cut, seal, copy, blend, paste, change, modify, add, drag, stretch, pull…in one word, INNOVATE!

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CONCETTO MARLETTA: The “Man that those in the know want to know”

For love or money…tells you anything? It is a movie in which a young Michael J. Fox plays the role of a concierge in a luxury hotel in NY City that tries to save some money up in order to set his own activity. What does it has to do with luxury and Us? Let me say…A lot! Concierges have ever been employers ready to help Hotels figuring out how to satisfy genteel clients’ requests. But here steps in the figure of a man that took the job to another level.

Only 14, Concetto Marletta, who is student of interior-design, is sent to London by his family, owner of a 100 years old-Sicilian furniture business, with the aim to enrich his English knowledge. The politeness and the aristocratic behave of the British immediately capture his heart. He moves to London and with his affable manners obtains a job at the prestigious Claridge’s hotel. Few years and his unique style, blend of passion, respect and carefulness for any guest, let him being entitled as “Guest relations manager”, a position never existed before. After 7 years he joins the Mandarin Oriental and eager to enrich his skills, 5 years later he decides to take same time off to NY, Bangkok and Hong Kong. From 2003, back to his beloved England, Concetto becomes “Head of client relations” at The Dorchester.What is so special about this man though?

His “Black Book”. This is not a simple Moleskine. It is one of most envied and precious bunch of pages existing. Therein lay contacts to get the best tables at exclusive restaurants, hard-to-get opera tickets, access to private jets, but above all, the trust of the people who can really make doors open. And so, if you’re so privileged to be on the List, you could get an accommodation and two invitations to attend the Academy Awards ceremony in Los Angeles , even if there are no tickets sales and hotels bests are sold out as of 12 month. You may also discover that a plate of sandwiches with a Queen’s favourite filling, which was left at the Hotel but she had hoped to enjoy during her flight home, rushed through London and got on-board before the departure. Finally you may receive a bespoken Hermès Kelly bag in crocodile within two days with a single call. Concetto’s motto is “never say never, never say no”. Hence this is the reason why his advocates and their family prefer to call him Indispensable. By chance his brand-new Company’s name.

Obviously 24h access to anything, anytime, anywhere does have its price, plus a fair per hour fee, but…is there a price for a smiling wife, your happy little girl or a satisfied luxuriant stakeholder?

Wait yours feedbacks, faithfully


VERTU: “Life. Beautifully arranged”

What is really the point of buying a 10.000 euro mobile? Let’s try to figure it out!

Conceived in September 98’, as Nokia’s spin off, the aim of Perry Oosting, Vertu’s President, was quite clear: create a unique handcrafting company for a unique and time poor clientele.

The B-day: January 2002 with Paris and its majestic Eiffel tower as background. Signature, the first family of luxury phones, whose “sea of sapphire” screen takes more than two weeks to be created in a 2000°C furnace, went almost immediately sold out. The designer Frank Nuovo, the mind behind the sketches, pulled “another ultimate item” off. From now on, 200 highly-skilled craftsmen have been working hard to coalesce finest materials as exotic leathers, stainless steel or diamonds, into only one handset. 2004 brought to the market a version inspired by high performance sport cars, Vertu Ascent. The next few years had seen carbon fiber, diamonds, titanium and a digital back-up fortress enriching, if possible, Vertu’s phones. Then, a Signature refreshment, the brand-new AscentTi and a partnerships with Ferrari and Busheron widened the portfolio. Finally, the Constellation Quest Smartphone, was released in October 2010.

Now: why should we prefer Vertu to a cheaper 600€ Steve Jobs mobile? Cause of diamonds and titanium? Maybe, albeit It does already exist a 3,2 million dollar IPhone! So? What makes special Vertu’s handcrafts is the bespoke service that each customer receives. In need of a ticket for tonight already sold out Superbowl game? An elephant for an outstanding party? Technical assistance at 3 a.m.? From Vertu Concierge, to Vertu city brief, and Vertu select, you will find the utmost tailored service that best suits your needs. You can have 24 hours dedicated lifestyle manager that arranges all you extra-work life. And also a personal news writer!

So, an indestructible “Mission impossible” alike gadget, assembled and personally signed by its master, might be rewarding and distinctive. But in a World where we are used to saying that “time is money”, well, a tailored time-saving services is priceless, maybe even worthier than 10.000€…

And you people, what do you reckon? Let’s share for the love of…. knwoledge!!! Stay tuned!