Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant — to bring luxury on the table

Fashion giants Dolce & Gabbana have introduced their love for luxury to Milan nightlife with Gold, their first luxury concept restaurant, coffee room and cocktail bar, whose interior is,gold and filled with Milan’s most beautiful people.


Gold was opened in October 2006 and sparkles with dazzling reflections, thanks to the architect and design team of Ferruccio Laviani and Gianmaria Torno. Already behind the decorative opulence of the men’s store and now the star of the design world, here Laviani has come up with a space-conceived by the agency +Arch-that is fabulously narcissistic, joining bistro, cocktail bar, and restaurant with mirrors, white leather, shining steel, pink marble, luminescent glass, and a noisy clientele.

Combining Italian tradition with ultimate culinary research, Gold Restaurant presents a wide range of dishes from the most typical Sicilian tradition to contemporary cuisine. Executive Chef Claudio Arciglione only uses seasonal ingredients for his menus – that change about every two weeks – and takes care of every single detail, from a carefully balanced taste to beautiful presentation. Don’t forget that Gold is also set for breakfast and aperitif, with fresh and tasty ingredients.

照片 2照片 1

The entire place is suffused with an immaterial, warm goldenness. And it’s a gold-rush menu, with light southern flavors being the rule, including a particularly good ravioli stuffed with lean meat, honey, fresh mint, and tomato coulis. Wines served by the glass can be swilled at the bistro bar.

照片 3Dolce & Gabbana Gold Restaurant 03




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