Discover Ferrari through Ferrari Museum

Maranello should be a glamorous kingdom for all car enthusiasts. As here is home to legendary Ferrari. In related news, Ferrari was named the world’s most powerful brand by a British research firm, putting it ahead of much larger firms such as Apple and Google. Now come with me to discover this magic world.

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Ferrari have had a presence in Maranello since 1943. Here, the founder Enzo Ferrari designed and built all his road and racing cars. Enzo’s passion, for the ultimate driving experience lives on here, long after his death. Today, the most famous motor manufacturer in the world builds Gt and Formula 1 cars here.

Museo Ferrari. Maranello anno 2012

Museo Ferrari is located in near Ferrari factory. It brings together models, images, trophies and cars that have helped make Ferrari one of the most iconic brands in the world. The amazing Hall of Victories celebrates the most recent successes of the scuderia through an overview of World champions from 1999 to 2012, together with over 110 trophies and the drivers’ original helmets.


The museum is not purely for cars; also on view are trophies, photographs and other historical objects relating to the Italian motor racing industry. The exhibition also introduces technological innovations, some of which had made the transition from racing cars to road cars.

Ferrari is not only just a simple brand for cars but also a luxury concept. While the general trend in the industry, even among luxury makes, appears to be to increase sales with little regard to exclusivity or whether a vehicle fits a brand. Ferrari is going against the tide and limiting the number of cars it sells each year. After reaching peak Ferrari in 2012 with a record 7,318 sales, the Italian brand decided to limit sales to seven thousand units per year going forward in order to boost exclusivity and in the process help protect margins and residual values for customers.


While, how did Ferrari manage so successfully to make profits growing and when selling fewer cars?

  1. Most of the revenue growth has been brought about by the increased rate of personalization done on the cars, such as via the Tailor-Made Program and Special Projects division.
  2. Restoration division, Ferrari Classiche, as well as its Corse Clienti customer racing program, which was recently merged with the Formula One program through the new Sport Activities Department.
  3. Brand-related activities, such as merchandizing and its theme park license, also hit a new record.

As the same time, Ferrari hasn’t forgotten its most loyal markets and is paying close attention to markets with very strong demand to avoid excessively long waiting lists. The U.S., Ferrari’s biggest market, increased sales of 9 percent to 2,035 units in 2013, which was a new record. China was the second biggest with 700 sales, while the third biggest was the U.K. with 677 sales.

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