Romagna: “the wellness valley”

Anyone who has read my previous posts already knows that I’m a sport addict and I’m proud to relate successful Italian stories. An article I picked up on a few days ago gives me the chance to write about both things together.

Helthy life style  and sports programs for 3-9 year old children, antistress courses for factory workers, sport tours in many parks and woods and a beach project called “the wellness beaches”

are just some of the 40 “best practice” that makes Romagna the wellness valley. Rimini’s fair, one the most important in Europe, is an another example.

A 2009 research chart of the wellness of Italian provinces shows that “the best is in Romagna”.

The promoter of this wellness district is Nerio Alessandri, CEO of Technogym, who created a foundation and is knocking on the government’s doors to help make Romagna an example for all  Italy, and beyond.

Alessandri wants Italy to become the wellness country, an international model to export, to encourage people to follow a healthier lifestyle. In this way there would be a greater reduction in healthcare expenses and so the economy would benefit.

In my opinion, Mr Technogym’s strategy is looking to the future.

A conference will be held on the September 29th on  Alessandri’s campus in Cesena which is also the Technogym headquarters (60 thousand  square metres in a 13 hectare park designed by Antonio Citterio). Over a million people will attend the conference arriving from 60 different countries. An intervention by Bill Clinton  is expected to close the day’s events.

The new key word is “let’s move towards a better world”.



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