What did Napoleon, Humphrey Bogart, Orson Wells and J.P Morgan have in common? They were all men, genial and famous, right but…Does Panama tell you anything? No? Well then, I tell you a little secret…is the most famous model of hat on the market. It’s that soft and shine true ivory jewel that requires almost 6 months to be produced! And the best ones are crafted by an extraordinary Italian company: Borsalino.


The company was set up in 1857 from the brilliant mind of Giuseppe Borsalino, also known as “u siur pipen”, maybe “with little interest in school” but definitely a master in terms of crafting hats. In 1871, 130 employees were capable to manufacture almost 300 hats per year that went up to 5500 in 1909 due to the industrialization of production and reached the pick at 2 million in 1920, under the supervision of Terenzio, Giuseppe’s son. After a rough economical period caused by the explosion of the II World war, Borsalino gained back his leader position during the so called “Italian miracle”. For cinema’s freakers, this is when the company’s brand was used as name for a couple of gangster films, “Borsalino” and “Borsalino & co”, with actors of the calibre of Alaind Delon and Jean-Paul Belmondo. The Borsalino brand had increased consistently its global awareness but the family decided to leave the direction of the company in 1979. However, the successful story of another extraordinary Italian artisan is still alive.

Nowadays Borsalino’s label, due to a successful brand extension, is seeable on leather goods, perfumes, glasses home design or clothes collection and it is sold globally. You can find the products at the best luxury department stores as Sack’s fifth avenue, Harrods, Lafayette Galleries, Isean amongst others and also in 16 retail shops, 15 are situated in Italy and 1 in Paris. You do not have the chance to go anywhere there? Do not panic!!! The e-commerce site is under construction. I know, you must wait a little bit but after all, has a dream ever been easily achievable?

As always, Yours Alessandro Gambera


9 Replies to “BORSALINO: “U SIUR PIPEN””

  1. …conosci i miei seri problemi con l’inglese, ma mi pare che parlando dei prodotti tu non abbia citato i cerchietti. Lo so che il tuo era un elenco generico, ma i cerchietti sono la mia passione, quindi volevo precisare!!!Borsalino fa anche i cerchietti..e sono stupendi!!

    ps bell’azienda, bell’articolo!

    Mi piace

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