WEDDAR: How does it feel?

WEDDAR: How does it feel?

What is the weather like in Como? Umbrella or not? Is it going to be windy at the beach?

How much time we wasted face to the window wondering what the weather would be like next and then, trusting undoubtedly in the national forecast system, dressing utterly wrong. Well, this is it! As of 3 weeks, two brilliant 2.0 young brains from Portugal have decided to set a new path. How? Simply following the current social media principle: ask to the person next door (or better, next byte!).

Weddar, this is the name of the new app that will give you instantly insights about the weather conditions anywhere in the world, any seconds. Everywhere there is an Iphone’s advocate, the app automatically geolocates them and he, or she, can log in and give, or ask for, an instant report on the weather over any city, village or drain of the globe! Weddar turns reporting into a competition. You earn points for “checking in” and then you get ranked. If you step into top 50, well, consider applying for BBC weather! Finally, You can also share your reports on Twitter and Facebook, giving out some really useful info.

No, I haven’t forgotten it. It is true that who does not own a Steve Jobs jewel will not get the chance to play the game but…No panicking! Ricardo Fonseca and co-founder Gonçalo Catarino confirm that an Android version is on its way and more is yet to come. So, give it a try. maybe you will discover that the umbrella is not needed today.

Anybody knows what is the weather like in the centre of Milan? Checking out now… 

Yours faithfully…UMT




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